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Fashion Launderette

An image uplift for the 2019 Hong Kong Fashion Week was required by the event organiser to stimulate the visitors’ attention and to subconsciously show the latest seasonal trend colours. From this a fun thematic approach was developed, inspired by 1980’s laundromat interiors genre under the name Fashion Launderette. The theme would start with a welcome installation, then an entrance treatment for the main hall. Followed by a multi-functional space for seminars and cocktail receptions etc. located inside the hall for fashion shows.

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Starhub TVB Awards

Starhub TVB Awards 25th anniversary, held at Singapore Marina Bay Sands – Sand Theatre. Designers were invited to do the stage design for the event. More than 30 TVB artists and different singers go onstage. The idea of the decoration came from the gardens by the bay. The supertree grove is one of a signature in Singapore. Furthermore, designers used of led wall displays in different compositions. Another 5 sets of vertical led displays are hanging by cyberhoist to create different movements and match with video graphics.

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World Cyber Games 2019 Xi'an

For the World Cyber Games 2019 event was a feat months in the making. The goal was to bring the tournament series back after a 6 year absence, and to accomplish this the WCG Event team organized not only a game tournament with professional and amateur athletes from around the globe, but also designed and organized opening and closing ceremonies, a EDM festival with world-famous DJs, unforgettable cosplay performances, an insightful esports conference with esports industry leaders, and even a TED talk!

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Five Senses Feast

To make Glenmorangie New Lasanta stand out in the competition among the numerous whiskey producers eyeing Taiwan as an important market and to bring a brand-new experience in whiskey tasting have been the primary goal of Glenmorangie WhiskyFest in Taipei. Unlike the singularity and one-directionality of other wine tasting and displaying events, five main interactive installations and a tasting bar have been organized, enabling visitors to do more than experience passively—their visit was transformed into a distinctive journey by appealing to the five senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch.

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City Details

The showcase of design solutions for hardscape elements City Details was being held from October, 3 to October, 5 2019 in Moscow. Advanced concepts of hardscape elements, sports- and playgrounds, lighting solutions and functional urban art objects were presented on an area of 15 000 square meters. An innovative solution was used to organize the exhibition area, where instead of even rows of exhibitor booths there was built the city’s working miniature model with all the specific components, such as: the city square, streets, a public garden.

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Mixed Reality

To solve the task of presenting the energy strategy of the city, a hologram was chosen as the tool. It was needed to develop the interior and exterior of the stand, taking into account the strict limitations of the technology to re-invented the hologram technology. Instead of 1 layer, designers used 3: a hologram, a background, a projection onto the floor. All layers worked synchronously. The graphics had to comply with strict rules in order not to break the magic. Tried to stick to minimalism and focus on achieving the illusion of the presence of real objects and a sensation of energy literally in the air.

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