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Transporta - Quirky World of Quarks

TRANSPORTA is an edutainment platform that creates fun and engaging experiential journey with the use of multi sensorial technologies. The unassuming entrance to the secret portal is designed and strategically located, blending into the environment to create a sense of mystery for visitors. The experiential installations are not only immersive and visually captivating, it is also educational and informative. Through this multi-sensory and interactive journey that combines art and science, visitors get to learn and play at the same time.

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100 Years Elecmetal

The design created an inspiring involving journey through the past, present, and future. We used the products of ME as a starting point. The event was divided into three spaces. The first served as a meeting area and dramaturgical introduction, with the most important archived milestones presented by a largescale timeline. The following room extended a 360 projection, showing the most relevant facts, innovations and new technologies. After speeches, a projected video reinforced the significance of the 100 years. The third space symbolized the future challenges musically, remained concealed.

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Summer, Happy Time

The four storylines connected by the each seasons are directed by the 3-D character, variety of sculptures and the photo zone where the five senses can be experienced, making customers and children feel Lotte World Mall as a fairy tale world where customers can experience instead of simply shopping mall.

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Abu Dhabi Science Festival and Innovator

Inspired by STEM, Viola Communications was assigned to launch the Innovator and Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2018. Viola had to clearly communicate the Festival's scientific educational intentions by creating a setup which was colourful, attractive and young. The layout of the booths was prepared on a central area in front of the beach-side restaurants in a half moon shape. The venue was fully branded as STEM-based, from the perimeter to the centre, as well as on all venue roofs, giving great visibility from a distance. The whole event was committed to the principal inspiration of Innovation.

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Meraas - The Beach Season Kick-Off

The event was designed to be especially creative and exceptional. Viola brought The Beach to life as a destination, offering solutions covering all aspects of Taste, Play, Enjoy. Various colourful and bright elements blended perfectly with the sandy tones of The Beach bringing a funfair mood to the area and a festival atmosphere. Customized F&B carts created an attractive welcoming design to draw visitors. The three main areas were atmospherically defined with certain elements like venue zoning, food area festoon lights, and sky tracker flood-lights to attract crowds from a distance.

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Three Planets

This production involves more than 200 square metres of screens. Volumetric lighting and complex decorations immerses the audience into a new galaxy, that no one has seen or imagined before. Light and sound effect power is measured in thousands of megawatts; and all performances are based on futuristic technologies. This show has been a great success among viewers of all ages and constantly sold out to full houses.So far 19 countries have applied and are waiting to see the world tour of this magical show.

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